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FAQs / Help

How long is ‘The Enchanted Trail’ ?

1.5 miles.

How much time does my ticket allocate me?

Two hours.

Are dogs allowed?

We are a big lover of dogs, but due to health and safety we can not permit dogs at this event.

What is suitable foot wear?

This is a wild forest trail and therefore we recommend welly boots and or hiking boots or similar.

Is it suitable for prams?

We would recommend a pram with large wheels. It is a wild forest trail so you may struggle in areas with a standard pram.


Do I have to pay for car parking?

We do not charge for car parking but you do need to book your carparking space with your tickets.


Can I bring my bike?

Due to children being the centre of the event we unfortunately can not permit bikes for health and safety reasons.


Is the trail suitable to wheelchair users?

We regrettably would not recommend it due to it being a wild forest trail. Standard wheelchair’s may struggle in areas of the trail.


Is there a lake within the establishment?

Yes a beautiful lake is in the establishment which homes wildlife. It will be along part of the trail. Under no circumstances is the lake to be entered and we strongly advise that care and attention must be taken when near the edge of the lake. All children must be under adult supervision.


Do all the vendors accept cash? Or what is the preferred method of payment for merchandise?

We recommend bringing both cash and card.

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