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Get ready for a whimsical journey into creation with the Enchanted Trail—a magical experience that promises to captivate your imagination! As you step into the enchanting Clandeboye Estate, here's what awaits you. 

Adventure along the trail: Explore a wild trail inspired by Alice in Wonderland, filled with exciting props and art that will transport you to a world of wonder and whimsy. Each step brings a new discovery, sparking the imagination of both young and old.

Collect Character names Embark on a delightful quest to find individual

character names hidden among the carrots along the trail. Your little ones will be on a mission to gather these charming names, leading to a chocolate surprise at the end.

(All home grown carrots used to help dress the trail will be donated to Belfast Zoo at the end of the four day event).


Chocolate Treats Await: Once the rabbit names are collected, your children will be rewarded with a chocolate treat—a perfect ending to the enchanted trail!

Local Vendors and Artisans in the Courtyard: Pause for a moment of relaxation in the courtyard, where there will be local vendors supplying food and drinks, along with talented local artists showcasing their work, and lastly the 'Nature Rangers', Clandeboye Estates, forest school leaders. 

Photo Opportunities with a character: Capture the enchantment with memorable photos alongside our charming live character. These photo opportunities are the perfect way to commemorate the day and share the magic with friends and family. 

What's Included in Your 2 hour Experience:  

  • Unique captivating trail with Alice in Wonderland-inspired props amongst a wild forest set in Clandeboye Estate.

  • A delightful quest to collect individual character names.

  • A chocolate treat for children as a reward for completing the quest.

  • Access to the courtyard with local vendors, artists, crafts, and the Nature Rangers.

  • Photo opportunities along the trail with props and with our charming live character.

  • An opportunity to walk the first ever trail that Clandeboye Estate has opened to the public.

Follow the Magic: Stay tuned for updates: behind-the-scenes glimpses, and future enchantments by following us on social media.

Warm regards, MMM Creations  #MMMCreations #CraftingMagic #EnchantedTrail

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